Patina Lever Backs Earrings With Swarovski® Crystals


These Retro inspired Patina Lever Back Earrings are the perfect piece to any outfit. The relaxed design allows this piece to rest lower on the ear giving its wearer a new angle. The centrepiece is a Swarovski® Crystal which reflects the environmental lighting around its wearer. The dark trim surrounds the crystal giving it a retro styled look. Enjoy a new angle with a pair of these Patina Lever Backs Earrings.

  • Measurements: Length: 0.7" inch
  • Materials: Plated brass, Swarovski® Crystal
  • Origin: Made in Canada

Care: In order to preserve the shine of crystals and condition of metal, we recommend that customers avoid contact with harsh chemicals and moisture. It is also prudent to remove jewellery when sleeping or engaging in physical activity.

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