Pearls Tabac


Pearls Tabac is a necklace that was insipid by natural coral reefs. Featuring Swarovski® Crystal Pearls as well as Swarovski® Crystal this necklace is crafted meticulously by hand. Each pearl is placed within the reef at variety of depths creating a beautiful imagine of an actual coral reef with all the different interactions between the species that in habitat it. The light silvers pearls and green shine of the Swarovski® crystals compliments the jet black colour of the reef. Wear this Necklace and create a statement.

  •      Measurements: Length: 20” Inches 
  •      Materials: Swarovski® Crystals, Swarovski Crystal Pearls
  •      Origin: Made in Canada

Care: In order to preserve the shine of crystals and pearls, we recommend that customers avoid contact with harsh chemicals and moisture. We also recommend that it is stored in a safe and bedded area. 


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